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Advantages and disadvantages of marrying a Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian girls are becoming increasingly popular when it comes to searching for a wife. Men from all over the world value them for their beauty, intelligence, and positive personality traits. Besides, Eastern European girls seem to believe in the right set of values, like prioritizing family over career, importance of having kids, traditional gender roles, and so on. No wonder so many western men think of marrying a Ukrainian woman.

Table of content:

  1. You’ll have a very good looking wife
  2. Family is above all for Ukrainian girls
  3. They’ll encourage you to improve yourself
  4. Ukrainian girls are romantic and loving
  5. They are understanding and patient
  6. They are excellent mothers
  7. Some cons to mention

They believe in the same ideals, but they can hardly find any women in their home countries would share this belief. SO Ukraine has become a kind of Mecca for men from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe who’d like to start a family with a reliable, devoted partner. However, there are some peculiarities one has to know about when searching for a Slavic wife. Let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages of marrying a Ukrainian girl.

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You’ll have a very good looking wife

The majority of Ukrainian women are exceedingly good looking, and they remain pretty till a very advanced age. They even say all girls are beautiful in Ukraine, but of course it’s an exaggeration. In any case, you have all the chances to have a very attractive wife at your side. Of course, beauty is only skin deep, but let’s be honest – men are visually oriented, and it’s very pleasant to have a good looking wife. Not to mention your future kids are going her genetics, too.

Ukrainian women are naturally gifted where attractive appearance is concerned. They have proportional bodies and classis facial features with high cheek bones and prominent eyes. Apart from that, they are taught self care since a very young age.

Extensive grooming is second nature for them, including various cosmetic procedures, tasteful makeup, nail art, hair styling and so on. They also try to keep in shape and regularly visit a gym or work out at home. And last but not least, their way of dressing up is nothing short of admirable. Even with a limited budget they manage to look stylish, fashionable and even glamorous. Lots of Ukrainian woman boast an innate sense of style.

Besides, they favour feminine garments outfits like dressed, skirts, blouses figure hugging tops and so on. Combined with stockings and high heels, these garments create a very pleasant visual effect. And if you have difficulties selecting tasteful clothes for yourself, your Ukrainian wife will be more than happy to help you.

Family is above all for Ukrainian girls

One more advantage of marrying a Ukrainian woman is that she is extremely family oriented. As mentioned above, they make family their priority, and this is especially appealing to foreign men. Girls in the west build their career, travel around the world, engage in different social activities, pursue their hobbies and what not.

When they are in their late thirties, they start thinking about family and kids. Ukrainian women, on the contrary, prioritize marriage and children to begin with. They tend to get married young, and dedicate their lives to their beloved ones. They make loyal wives and devoted mothers, and will always choose well-being of their family to their career.

It doesn’t mean they could be nothing more than housewives – the majority of Ukrainian girls are clever and educated, and they stand out in many professional spheres. But if her staying at home and taking care of kids is more comfortable for the whole family, she won’t hesitate for a moment when making a decision.

They’ll encourage you to improve yourself

No, they won’t try to change you – it’s no secret that a grown up man cannot be changed, no matter what. And why would they? After all, if one gets married to a person, they accept him with all strong points and shortcomings. However, with a Ukrainian wife at your side you’ll feel like improving yourself, learning new things and mastering new skills.

It’s a valid reason to consider marrying a Ukrainian woman – with the right person as a life partner, you’ll have a chance to expand your horizons and observe your personal growth. Many Ukrainian girls have admirable reading habits – books have been respected in Eastern Europe for many generations, and kids are encouraged to read since they are very young. Being an avid reader, your Ukrainian wife will possess admirable general knowledge, and conversing with her on any subject will be a pleasure. So don’t waste your time – meet Ukrainian singles and try to start a romantic relationship with one of them.

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Ukrainian girls are romantic and loving

If you’re a romantic kind of guy who loves to treat his girl as a princess and do all sorts of chivalrous gestures, marrying a Ukrainian woman is a good idea. Unlike pragmatic and practical women in the western world, Eastern European ladies do believe in unconditional love and romantic idea behind commitments in a relationship.

According to them, true love happens only once in a lifetime, and if they agreed to marry you, it means you’re the love of their life. And you will be treated accordingly. Ukrainian women love romantic date ideas, romantic trips and romantic surprises. You can give her flowers, and she will never consider it a waste of money. You can come up with a spontaneous idea of travelling across the country in a caravan, and she’ll support you.

They are understanding and patient

Ukrainian women know that men are very self-centred by nature. Perhaps you don’t think you’re like that, but it’s actually true – let’s admit it! So, a wise Eastern European girl will let you take the leading role and praise you for the wonderful decisions you make. She knows her way with words, and even if she’d like things to be different, she’ll persuade you softly and patiently.

Also, she’ll work with you through problems, if any such occur in your relationship. No matter what happens, she’s likely to show lots of strength of spirit. You can always count on emotional support from your Ukrainian wife. A western woman would not tolerate any nonsense on your part and split up with you faster than you would realize that. But a Ukrainian woman is likely to show a lot of understanding and patience. She understands that a person behaves oddly under stress, and better times will come.

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They are excellent mothers

If you make a decision in favour of marrying a Ukrainian woman, your kids will have the best mother in the world. A typical Slavic lady considers a child a centre of her universe, but she know how to bring them up without spoiling them. You kids will grow in the cosy atmosphere of emotional comfort, love and affection.

Some cons to mention

Apart from pros of marrying a Ukrainian lady, there are also some cons you should be aware of. Well, there is nothing too serious, but for a person who is new to international relationships it might be a challenge.

Firstly, there are culture clashes. Perhaps she will not understand jokes and references that are so familiar to you, and it will be more difficult to connect on an intuitive level.

Also, adaptation period in a new country may take a while, and it may feel like a burden to you when you have to deal with her emotional swings. Ukrainian women are known to quickly assimilate to the new surroundings, but there are some exceptions.

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Also, she’ll want to make those expensive trips back home, and if your financial situation leaves much to be desired, you may find it quite challenging to sponsor these journeys. But these are all very minor things in comparison to positive changes you’re bound to experience after marrying a Ukrainian woman.

We’ve pointed only some advantages of tying the knot with a girl from Ukraine. You’ll experience much of it on your own. And of course, there are other pros we haven’t mentioned. Each person is unique, and so your marriage will be a unique experience, too.

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