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All girls are beautiful in Ukraine – is it true?

The beauty of Ukrainian women is all but legendary, and this is a global phenomenon. While there are beautiful women in virtually every country in the world, nevertheless, Ukraine is almost a place of pilgrimage for men seeking wonderful and exquisitely beautiful women to spend their lives with. So if you ask whether it is true that all girls are beautiful in Ukraine, one would say that it is almost true.

Table of content:

  1. Complexity in the genes
  2. Fitness
  3. Elegant clothes and accessories
  4. Competitive spirit
  5. Extra trouble to look attractive to men

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No country has a record of every single person born there being beautiful. Of course, there are variations in the genes. So, every single girl in Ukraine is not beautiful, because this beauty is not the result of a magic spell, but rather of genetics.

That said, around 80% or 90% of the girls in Ukraine certainly are some of the most attractive that you will ever encounter in any nation of the world. And this is certainly a much higher percentage than in any other country. But what is the reason why such a vast percentage of the female population of Ukraine are so good-looking.

Complexity in the genes

Many different races and cultures have contributed to the Ukrainian gene pool. This means that girls in Ukraine are genetically beautiful. While women in this country take a lot of trouble about the way they look, over their clothes and over their makeup, the simple fact is that they would look astonishingly attractive even if they were not to wear any makeup at all.

The base of the Ukrainian gene pool contains a mix of genetics from the Caucasian race, and they also have Tatar ancestry, which give them some very high cheekbones that truly accentuate their faces. They also have genetics from the Baltic states, and even Viking genes. Did you know that the Vikings actually settled in Ukraine, and indeed came to rule the country? As a matter of fact, the word “Rus” was actually the term for Vikings.

All this just goes to show what a complex being a Ukrainian woman is, and what a complex history has contributed to her genes. That’s why so many people say that almost all girls are beautiful in Ukraine. But while a great many ladies are stunningly beautiful, there is also a considerable variety to their beauty, and you may find all sorts of exquisite women in the country, from pale blondes to alluring brunettes. But this is not all that makes Ukrainian women so attractive.

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Women in many parts of Western Europe are fond of a good meal, and this tends to show up in heir waistlines. And it’s very difficult to look attractive if you are young and still carrying a good many pounds too many – in short, if you are overweight. Women in Ukraine know this perfectly and take a very good care of themselves.

They exercise, run, and do their best to stay in shape, and this makes a difference and ensures that they are a good deal more attractive to a man than many of their cousins in Western Europe.

A Ukrainian woman is very elegant. Despite being so astonishingly beautiful, Ukrainian women take a great deal of trouble over themselves – they do this, actually, not to attract men, but rather out of a sense of pride in themselves, that is really the best motivation.

Elegant clothes and accessories

Almost all girls are beautiful in Ukraine because they take a lot of trouble over choosing her clothes, making sure that they are very aesthetic, and that the colours go together beautifully, and that the overall effect is one of sophistication and elegance. And this hold true at all times. While any woman almost anywhere in the world will dress up for a date and do her best to look attractive on such an occasion, a Ukrainian woman is not like that.

A Ukrainian woman does her very best to look attractive at all times. She will put on her makeup first thing in the morning, and then will also take trouble over her looks even if she just happens to be going down for some casual shopping. The same thing applies to her clothes.

She will never go down even to buy some groceries carelessly dressed, but will always look attractive. You can imagine how pleasant it is to have a romantic date with a Ukrainian woman. And you can imagine how pleasant it is to have someone like this around the house, someone who always looks elegant, beautiful land attractive. It makes a man’s life truly worth living in a very real sense.

It is no pleasure to come back home after hard day’s work in stressful circumstances to a person who looks like a slob, and who hasn’t bothered at all about her face, or hair, or the clothes she wears. It is very difficult to feel attracted to such a person. With a Ukrainian woman, a man never has this problem.

Competitive spirit

There is also an element of genetic competition behind why Ukrainian women are so beautiful. After a good many of the wars that Ukraine engaged in, the population of men was severely reduced. For example, after World War 2 there may have been ten women for every man in Ukraine.

Meet beautiful Ukrainian girl on an international dating siteThis means that there was a great deal of competition between women for the attention of a man, and only the most beautiful woman out of perhaps ten would actually find a partner and have children.

This means that after World War 2 only the most beautiful women in Ukraine actually had children, which of course would massively improve the genetic pool of the country and make all its women in succeeding generations more beautiful. This is one of the potent reasons why almost all girls are beautiful in present day Ukraine.

By this reasoning, women in Ukraine should be on average around nine times more beautiful than women in just about any other country that was not affected in this way. This is something that you will truly begin to appreciate if you simply walk around any Ukrainian city. There are beautiful women everywhere, very much more so than you would see in any city of any other country.

As a matter of fact, there are so many attractive women in Ukraine that Ukrainian men, who have seen such pretty girls all their lives, hardly even notice them at all. You’ll see even the most beautiful of women in buses being completely ignored by even the most ordinary looking men. Ukrainian men are, quite simply, spoiled.

Extra trouble to look attractive to men

One of the reasons for this is that Ukrainian men seem to be surprisingly short lived. While at the moment there are more boys than girls born in the country, by a small extent, by the age of twenty five the number of males has been massively reduced. Men tend to drink heavily, and there are also deaths due to driving accidents and drug related deaths.

This means that there are a good fewer men in Ukraine than women, which is one of the reasons why we find girls making such efforts to look good for men. As one walks around an average Ukrainian city, one is astonished by the amount of beautiful and available women that one can encounter.

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Many of these women are not simply beautiful externally, but also wonderful people, very well educated, artistic, and with a very well developed sense of aesthetics. They are the sort of ladies who not only look good, but who can engage a man in a fulfilling and rewarding conversation.

Ukrainian women are aware of their good looks and sophisticated personalities, and quite a lot of them are no longer willing to tolerate indifference of the local men. In the world of today, one is not limited by distances and geographical borders when it comes to dating, and a great many Ukrainian women are searching for a partner abroad.

That’s why it’s a perfect opportunity for you to try your luck with one of the gorgeous beauties from Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv or any other city in Ukraine. Lots of men from the USA, Australia, Canada and Western Europe have already found their happiness in this country, and so can you. Write a love letter to a woman you like best on an international dating site and see where it can lead.

These were only some thoughts on whether all girls are beautiful in Ukraine. But of course, you can form your own opinion only after making a trip or joining a Ukrainian dating site, at the very least.

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