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Eastern women VS Western women on Brilic dating app

As a very experienced dater from the UK, I think I am the right person to talk about the differences between Eastern women and Western women. I joined Brilic dating app (an international dating app) in 2018 and I met both Eastern women and Western women.

    • Eastern ladiesare generally more interested in making men happy. I lived in Taiwan for three years when I was in my 20s, so I understand how Taiwanese women operate – they are always stylishly dressed and they think men like pretty women (they are absolutely right). I know walking on high heels isn’t comfortable, but my Taiwanese ex-girlfriend was always wearing high heels as she thought I loved seeing that (it’s true). When a woman is wearing high heels, her breasts are pushed forward, her hips are moving in the right ways, her legs look longer, so of course, she looks more attractive. I think Taiwanese girls are very smart because the real reason why they want to make men happy is that they can benefit from the results – when men like them, men want to help them. As a result, a lot of Taiwanese ladies use their attractiveness to get ahead at work and in life. When I was on Brilic dating app, I met several girls from Hong Kong, and they operate like that as well.Western women
    • Western women believe in feminism. My best friend’s girlfriend is a member of Business Chicks, a networking association for women in English-speaking countries. That organisation’s main theme is promoting feminism and introducing businesswomen to one another. Nearly all of her friends are feminists. I’m not saying that’s wrong. I mean I personally don’t find that very attractive. A group of women who wear masculine suits in order to look like “leaders” – how attractive is that?! That’s definitely not the type of girls that I would date. Also, many western women are overweight and unattractive. They usually dress for comfort, so they wear flat shoes and pants. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. I just don’t feel attracted to that style at all. Overall, I want to feel like an alpha guy and I’d like my girlfriend to be a feminine lady who behaves like Audrey Hepburn. Although I met some British women on Brilic dating app, I don’t like any of them because compared to those Asian beauties, British ladies aren’t really very alluring (maybe those Asian girls set the bar too high?) – Sorry if you find this statement offensive, but I doubt whether I should apologise for being honest.met some British women
    • Eastern girlsin the bedroom (and the bathroom): In general, Eastern beauties are very good in bed because their bodies are very flexible. Any position is suitable for Asian women according to my experience and observation. My favourite is doggy style in front of a mirror in the bathroom because I enjoy seeing myself penetrating an Asian beauty like crazy. I’ve done this with every Asian girl that I’ve dated so far. All of them enjoy seeing themselves in the mirror as well. That’s why a lot of them wear makeup while making love with me. I even had “makeup s*x” (literally) once: When my Asian lady was applying her makeup in front of a mirror, I approached her from her back. She continued applying her mascara and I started to undress her. She kept applying her eye shadow and I was touching her tits. When I was about to enter her from behind, she was applying lipstick. I f**ked her for about ten minutes in that position and she was using her lipstick to poke her lips for 10 minutes until her lips are truly red. I mean classic red. And then I turned her around. She used her lipstick to colour her own nipples. That turned me on even more, so I entered her again from the front while sucking her nipples. Her lipstick tastes divine because of the subtle and tasteful fragrance (I think it was a Dior Addict lipstick). I continued sucking her tits like lollipops. And she began to moan. Then she used her lipstick to colour my shoulders and arms. The soft wax touched my skin slowly – it turned me on even further. So, I was f**king her like there was no tomorrow. I did that with a Chinese woman that I met on Brilic dating app.Eastern women
    • Western women in the bedroom: I slept with several western women that I met on dating apps and dating sites. Some of them are pretty good; some of them are just average in bed. There is something that I really admire in terms of western women’s sexuality – they read a lot of books on this topic. I guess that’s because in western countries, there are more erotic books that are either educational or entertaining. Unlike some Asian countries where censorship is pretty strict, western countries have free speech. Therefore, most western women that I’ve dated are very well-read – they have read books such as Fifty Shades of Grey (written by E. L. James), Seven Sex Goddesses: Sexual reawakening for today’s woman (written by Jacqueline Hellyer) and A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savour tantalizing pleasure (written by Jade Seashell). These are all fantastic books. One Canadian woman that I dated even told me that these three books are highly addictive. When she was dating me, she used a lot of techniques that she learned from those books, including BDSM, role-play and swinging (yes, she took me to an orgy that I absolutely enjoyed).

British women: 5 reasons why you should date girls from UK

  • Who should I date? After dating both Eastern beautiesand Western beauties, my conclusion is Eastern ladies are slightly better in my opinion, because they are more submissive – that’s the quality that I appreciate. I’m not saying western women are ugly. I mean I personally prefer submissive women who want to play the submissive role in a relationship. That makes me feel like a powerful man like Christian Grey. Ha! Maybe that sounds a bit crazy, but I want to be a dominant male in a relationship. That’s the personal image that I’d like to present. As a result, I think in the long term, I will find an Asian wife and settle down. Because I live in London, there are many Asian women in my environment. I can easily get an Asian girlfriend with or without an international dating app. Having said that, using an interracial dating app or an Asian dating app makes life much easier because online dating is like making passive income – a dating app automatically sends eligible leads to me without my effort. By contrast, if I want to meet hot women offline by myself, I have to work harder, i.e. I must go to parties, approach hot girls, etc. Honestly, I’d rather spend my time working on my business because my time is the most valuable asset that I have in my life. So, I think the best solution is to spend my time on my business and keep using Brilic dating app which constantly sends me pretty ladies, especially women from Asia. That’s the best plan for me. Frankly, I’m not the biggest fan of women from English-speaking countries, so I think an international dating app like Brilic is better than most mainstream dating apps.

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