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How to be more romantic with sexy Ukrainian women?

One thing to remember when dating sexy Ukrainian women is that they are extremely romantic. And they expect you to be romantic, too. If you’re chivalrous by nature and enjoy old fashioned courtship, good for you.

Table of content:

  1. Why do Ukrainian girls give so much importance to romance?
  2. Write her hand-written letters
  3. Pay her compliments
  4. Send her flowers and small surprises
  5. Watch a romantic movie together
  6. Set up a romantic Skype date
  7. Make a trip to Ukraine

If you’re a pragmatic sort of guy who’s convinced everything romantic is silly and unnecessary… well, there are ways of winning a Ukrainian girl’s heart without feeling like a fool. Don’t worry, no one expect you to sing serenades under girls’ balconies.

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Why do Ukrainian girls give so much importance to romance?

Even the most cynical and icy-cold Ukrainian beauties dream of romantic love. They start waiting for the price charming since they are very small. The whole culture is geared towards matrimony, getting married, and finding a life partner. Girls start dreaming of finding the love of their life, which happens, of course, only once in a lifetime.

A typical Ukrainian girl likes to be treated like a princess, and she’ll be happy to you take a leading role in a romantic relationship. Prolonged period of courtship is not uncommon, too. The more romantic you are with those sexy Ukrainian women you see on a dating site, the more chances you have to make a lifelong commitment to one of them.

Write her hand-written letters

Of course, in the age of the internet it would have been unreasonable to switch your long distant relationship entirely offline. Regular mail is called snail mail for a reason – it’s very slow and it wild have been difficult to keep the fire burning between the two of you if you had to wait for a few weeks in order to hear from each other.

However, sending a hand written letter from time to time is a very romantic thing to do. This way a woman is sure you’re taking her seriously – there is no way to send a generic mail when you write it with your own hands. It takes a significant amount of time to finish a handwritten letter, and a woman will be happy to know you’re ready to spend this time thinking of her and doing something special for her.

Apart from that, she can see your handwriting, so it’s much more personal than just sending an email. Besides, if you’d like to bring an element of “real life” into your long distance romantic relationship, sending a handwritten letter is an excellent thing to do. Most probably your girl will want to do the same for you, and you’ll see how pleasant it is to find a letter from your beloved one in your mailbox.

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Pay her compliments

It’s no secret that women love with their ears, and sexy Ukrainian women are no exception. Make sure to show your appreciation and tender feelings for your girlfriend by showering her with compliments. Don’t focus solely on her appearance though, no matter how gorgeous she may look. Women don’t like being objectified. Besides, almost all girls are beautiful in Ukraine, so it’s nothing special.

Make sure you praise her not only for her good looks, but also for her talents, character traits, achievements, and life choices. Pay her compliments about her kindness, honesty, straightforwardness, will power, sense of humour and so on. If she has a hobby, tell her how good she is at it.

If she’s an artist, praise her drawings or paintings, if she is fond of gardening, make sure to say a couple of nice words about her plants. Express your appreciation in a sincere manner, avoid clichés and cheesy statements.

Send her flowers and small surprises

Meet sexy Ukrainian women for dating online and offlineGiving flowers to a Slavic girl is a must. Sexy Ukrainian women expect a man to express his admiration for them by giving them a bunch of exquisite blooms. If you don’t, most probably you’ll go down in the history as “that guy who never gave me a single flower”. Giving a woman you admire a lovely bouquet is a very romantic gesture, and it is sure to put a smile on her face.

There are plenty of flower delivering services in Ukraine, so you can do a research and find the one that is reasonably priced and offers a great choice of bouquets. Try to find way in advance what your girlfriend’s favourite flowers are. Otherwise, choose something pretty according to your own preferences. Roses are always a huge success.

Don’t go for red roses to start with – it’s a bit of a cliché and a loud statement to make. Tender pink, white or beige will do perfectly well. Other popular flowers in Ukraine include lilies, chrysanthemums, gladioluses, tulips, daisies, carnations, narcissuses, and orchids.

You can also send her small gifts that will show your appreciation. Avoid giving anything expensive: it might make her feel uncomfortable. Instead, go for meaningful and sweet souvenirs that are sure to melt her heart.

Watch a romantic movie together

If you date in real life, there is nothing easier than to set up a romantic date involving a good movie both of you like. If you maintain a long distance relationship, it’s still a good option to watch an inspiring love story and then to discuss it on Skype.

By doing so, you’ll be able to figure out a lot about her idea of a romantic relationship and marriage. Generally speaking, sexy Ukrainian women favour traditional gender roles and conventional family life, but there could be exceptions, so you’d better test the waters before making any commitments. Discussing a romantic movie is an excellent way to do so.

If you’d like to make this experience even more fascinating, go for an old Soviet movie of her choice. There are plenty of old movies with a distinctive love story that many Ukrainian women simply adore. Ask her to choose one, then watch it with English subtitles. It’s bound to be great insight into the Slavic culture, and you’ll have a very interesting discussion afterwards.

Set up a romantic Skype date

If you date a Ukrainian woman online, Skype is your best friend. It’s a wonderful tool that will help you keep the flame burning until you can stay together with your sweetheart. Setting up a date via Skype is an excellent way to demonstrate how romantic you are. It can be either a candle lit dinner or something more original.

For a dinner, dress up as if you are going on a real date, set up the table and light the candles. She should do the same. You’ll have a wonderful illusion of dining together. Make sure to decorate the room in order to make it look and feel very special.

Alternatively, you can go for an evening of poetry. Both of you can recite your favourite poems to each other – it’s going to be something absolutely out of this world, and both of you will cherish these memories for many years to come.

When you talk on Skype, make sure there are no background noises to spoil your experience. Your own room is the best place to set up a Skype session. Avoid crowded places like city squares, cafes, shopping centres, markets and so on. She’ll appreciate you arranging the best possible date.

Make a trip to Ukraine

Making a trip to your girlfriend’s home land is an ultimate proof of your affections. Sexy Ukrainian women offer a great stimulus to make such a journey possible. If you don’t want to correspond for the rest of your life (and your online girlfriend certainly doesn’t want to) start preparing for a trip in the very initial stages of your long distance connection. Meeting her face to face is bound to be a turning point in your relationship.

You’ll be able to make out whether there is really some chemistry between the two of you and whether you have a chance to life a happy life together. Try to make your stay in Ukraine as romantic as possible – go for long walks holding hands, enjoy sweet conversations in cosy cafes, explore her favourite parts of a city and so on. And most importantly, make sure to get to know her better.

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These are only some recommendations on how to be more romantic with sexy Ukrainian women. Use the power of your imagination, and she won’t be able to resist your charm.

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