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How to increase your response rate from Russian, Ukrainian women?

If you kept your expectations high when joining a dating website, it’s hard to avoid disappointment if you’re not as successful as you’re expected. It may turn out rather challenging to get a response from Russian, Ukrainian women.

Table of content:

  1. Make sure to upload appealing profile pictures
  2. Fill in all the profile fields
  3. Personalize your introduction letter
  4. It’s alright to send a follow up message
  5. Don’t delay your replies
  6. Make sure to sound romantic
  7. Equate her letters in length
  8. Let her know you’re going to visit her country soon

So what you’re supposed to do when you hardy get any replies form Eastern European girls on a dating site? Well, first of all, keep your spirit high. Don’t get easily disheartened. No one said it would be easy to find the love of your life, and online dating may prove to be as challenging as having a romantic relationship with someone from your home town.

What you should do in order to improve your chances is observe and learn. If you’ve tried certain techniques and they don’t work, abandon them and try something else. After a certain period of time on a dating site you’ll get the idea of what the majority of Russian and Ukrainian ladies like or don’t like.

You’ll learn about their mentality and character traits. The knowledge will boost your confidence and self-belief, and eventually you’ll get to see an increase of replies in your inbox. SO let’s have a closer look at this question and discuss ways of skyrocketing your response rate on a dating website.

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Make sure to upload appealing profile pictures

A photograph is the first thing that catches your attention when you open a woman’s profile. And it works the other way around – a woman looks at your picture when she opens your profile. It’s only logical, isn’t it? However, a great many men on dating sites assume that a woman will get magically attracted to them without any efforts on their part – heck, she even doesn’t have to see their faces in order to fall in love! Don’t be one of these guys. Usually they either leave the sites with nothing ot learn to take some trouble over presenting themselves online.

So what you need to do is upload a nice photo of yourself where your face is clearly visible. A pleasant, sincere smile is always welcome. Gloomy, angry, bored or irritated face expressions are a big no no. Also, you should avoid blurry and low quality snaps. Take a few dozens of pictures of pictures and choose two or three – it will take you no more than fifteen minutes or so.

If your photography skills leave much to be desired, ask your friend or a family member to help you out. Professional photographers still exist in this day and age, too.

Try to avoid group photos, otherwise how is a woman supposed to know which person on the picture is you? Also, it’s unacceptable to upload pictures of you with a woman, even if she’s your sister, cousin or best friend. Bathroom selfies or pictures of your naked torso shouldn’t be your first choice either.

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Fill in all the profile fields

The more information you give in your profile, the more chances you have of getting responses from Russian, Ukrainian women. Your profile reveals your personality and makes you more “alive” online. With an interesting and engaging profile, there is no way it will remain unnoticed. A woman would feel like getting to know you better.

Also, it’s easier to start a conversation with someone whose profile contains a lot of information about different aspects of a person’s life. You can even intrigue a potential correspondent: if you specify that you like travelling, ask them to inquire about your favourite destinations. If you’re an avid reader encourage them to find out your favourite authors, and so on.

It’s also important to walk a middle path when writing your profile. It should be neither short and abrupt nor long and overbearing.

Personalize your introduction letter

It’s absolutely alright to save a prewritten introduction letter to a woman you’d like to get in touch with. It’s impossible to write a new introduction every time you want to try a romantic relationship online.

However, a girl shouldn’t get the idea that you didn’t take any efforts over the letter. Try to personalize it a bit here and there, insert some bits of information you’ve picked up from her profile. Express your admiration with her professional achievements, pay compliments to her beauty, discuss something she’s mentioned. Let her know that you’re waiting for her response with great anticipation.

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It’s alright to send a follow up message

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If you’re really interested in a woman and she doesn’t reply your introduction letter, it’s alright to send her a short follow up message after a week or so. You can ask her whether she received your original mail and if she did, you’d be happy to get her reply. This way she gets to understand that you take her very seriously and your interest in her is genuine and sincere.

Besides, it’s also possible that she never got your mail in the first place – it could be lost among hundreds of other mails and notifications, or go the spam folder. By sending a follow up message, you increase your chances for a happy future with a woman who caught your eye. If she replies after your message – good. If she doesn’t, you’d better start searching for love and happiness elsewhere.

Don’t delay your replies

One sure way to increase your response rate on a dating website is to reply promptly to letters and expressions of interest from Russian, Ukrainian women. This way correspondences don’t die off. If you reply fast, a woman will replies fast, too.

You should keep in mind that Slavic ladies are extremely popular online. They are considered a good wife material and countless men from the USA, Western Europe, Australia and Canada contact them on dating websites. If it’s not you who writes her a mail today, it will be someone else. You need to act now if you want to establish a special connection with a girl you like. Do your best in order to keep her interested.

Take trouble to make your letters sound truly unique, so she would be always happy to hear from you. That said, you shouldn’t overdo things – don’t send her one mail after another before she even has a chance to respond.

Make sure to sound romantic

One thing to remember is that Russian, Ukrainian women are extremely romantic, and they expect a man to be so, too. When they join a dating site, they do so with an intention to increase their chances of finding a true love. And yes, they believe in love that lasts a lifetime. They believe in finding their second half and walking hand in hand no matter what. They wait for their prince charming and enjoy old fashioned courtship.

So the more romantic you sound, the more chances you have with a Slavic girl. You shouldn’t pretend being romantic though – just keep it natural and don’t suppress your urges to be gentle and loving with a girl you like. Expressing your admiration for her and paying her compliments will go a long way – it’s the best way to be more romantic with a sexy Ukrainian girl.

Equate her letters in length

Mails that are too short or too long often make women lose their interest. They don’t respond short mails, because a brief message, to their mind, signifies a lack of interest and serious intentions. And they don’t reply long mails, because they find it difficult to respond to every point you’ve touched upon in your letter. That’s why it’s recommended to keep your letters as long as hers. Observe her writing habits and try to stick to them, too.

Let her know you’re going to visit her country soon

No one wants to waste their time. And corresponding with a man who doesn’t have any intentions to bring a potential relationship on a new level sounds exactly like a waste. That’s why you should let Russian, Ukrainian women know you’re planning a trip to Eastern Europe and you’ll have a chance to meet them face to face and set up a romantic date. It’s sure to increase your response rate on a dating site.

To sum it all up, don’t get upset if things don’t work out from the very beginning. If you’re serious about finding your life partner, women will get the idea and make sure to respond your mails. Best of luck!

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