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How women read sexual body language

Learning how to use the language to attract women is not enough. When you are communicating to a girl you like on online dating website you don’t have other instruments but the language you are using. You may succeed in that, but the next stage happens when you are actually meeting a woman. In the “real world” meeting other instruments are coming at full power. Both you and the woman have your body language that conveys information and complement your language. We suggest you learn some of the basics of body language so it would work for you in sparking the attraction women you date.

Choose places where you can see her whole body and she can see yours

Even though restaurants are suggested in many guides as a best place for a first date, they have one serious shortcoming – you cannot see her full body language and she cannot see yours. You are being separated by the table and sometimes you can feel as though you have been on a business meeting, reducing meaningful gestures and body reactions to mere hand gestures. Choose a bar with quiet music playing on or a lounge where you can sit comfortably on a sofa. You will be able to observe all of her body motions.

Women often reject you before you actually would speak to her

Good-looking woman is approached by men hundreds times a day and have learned to recognize men’s body language. In fact, body language is the easiest way for women to qualify or disqualify men in advance. Before poor guy is realizing it, he is out of a game. That is why investing effort in reconstructing and developing your personal body language is an ultimate task for you to become attractive to women. If you want a woman to talk to you personally you have to communicate to her physically, and the goal of the physical communication must be that she would recognize you as one man she has been actually waiting for. There are physical signals, that women “read” as powerfully attractive. She cannot help but surrender to what your body is speaking when you use those signals.


Stop doing things that make you unattractive to women

Even small patterns can betray you when it comes to using your body language when communicating to women. Become very aware of every inch of your body when you are talking to a woman. Good-working body is not being switched on when you actually approach a woman. Body language is being constantly in power, even when nobody is watching you, i.e. when you are alone. Where your hands are when you start talking to somebody? What is the position of your back? Is it arched back or bent down? Where do you look with your eyes? What is the tempo of your breathing? Simple awareness of what each element of your body is doing at any given moment will provide you with enough insights for improvement your body performance during actual meetings.

Make a woman earn your attention, not vice versa

The typical mistake most men do when they either approach a woman or being approached by is that men tend to lean to a woman slightly as if they want to reach out and touch her. This would be much more effective if you lean back from her, not “to” her.

By leaning back, as if you are avoiding woman you are approaching, you actually accomplish several things:

    • You make her feel comfortable with you around because you are not invading her personal space, something that must always belong to her, according to female psychology
    • When you are slightly distanced from her, it makes her actually want to get close to you. While this may sound like a paradox, this makes a lot of sense since she has to position her body to reach you for a contact, forcing her to create communicational environment. This trick works because she is automatically becoming a one who is after you, not vice versa. If you are setting yourself as a challenge, women cannot help but pursue you.

  • By avoiding “direct” bodily position towards woman and making your face slightly “on a side”, as if you are about to turn out of her completely, you stand out of the usual set of men, who is all too eager to get close to her at any cost. Most men are being intense and women tend to completely ignore men who are intense from the start.

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