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How to pass women’s testing

Women are testing men for being a good old alpha-male, the one she would surrender to at the drop of the hat. Essentially, women are attracted to the traditional set of “masculinity”, similar to what was projected on silver screen by James Bond and Humphrey Bogart. Their “testing” of men is aimed to weed out those who do not project these “alpha-male” traits. This set of traits of personality includes:

  • Dominating behavior.
  • Ability to project leadership.
  • Ability to taking risks.
  • Not allowing second-rate things and people enter man’s life.
  • Bluntness to certain degree.
  • Cheekiness.
  • Strong eye-contact and posture.
  • Selectiveness and sense of territory.
  • Selfishness combined with confidence.
  • Being picky and being judgmental.

Why women are testing men?

The best explanation of this phenomenon is that testing is a “second nature” for women. They practice testing for so long that they can’t help but keep on testing. It’s very unconscious thing for them. Attractive women have great choice of men to pick from and they quickly weed out those who don’t pass their initial tests of those qualities listed above.


Popular tests women are performing on men

Those tests often include:

  • Cancelling meeting or changing plans without sufficient reasons.
  • Challenging and teasing you in front of their female friends.
  • Putting you in uncomfortable situation while in society.
  • Asking for your email or telephone number without giving hers.
  • Asking for presents.
  • Asking “to do her a little favor”.
  • Acting like “drama queen” and watching your reaction.
  • Disappearing completely for a time and then reappearing.
  • Asking what is your opinion on a particular movie/ book/ artist.

What motivates women to test men

Essentially women desperately need to figure out whether men fit or not. They don’t have time to waste. Hundreds of men are waiting in a queue. That’s why women tend to catch men “unprepared” like experienced police investigators do, with sudden twists and turns and putting you in unexpected situations. So you cannot fake strong character and personality, you will show your true self instead. Preferably the tests are contrived so that men cannot even notice they are being tested and cannot figure out what are the outcomes of those tests are. This will allow women easily slip away should men not pass a test. Women have developed their testing abilities so well that they do test automatically every single man who is approaching them. Testing is like a shortcut road for woman, they do not have much time. “So many men, so little time”, as saying goes.

How to deal with women’s tests and use them for creating attraction

Be prepared for the upcoming tests. Women will use them constantly –that’s a fact of life. Do not take tests personally; this is just a way women are. If you know how to react on tests, you will push them to minimum and woman will give up quickly.

Consider these strategies and techniques to pass the women’s tests:


  • Try to “steal her frame” and act like she is after you, not vice versa. Play “hard to get”. Look at her directly and then look away, walk to her and immediately walk away, etc.
  • Make her earn things she is asking. Marketing people use it constantly when giving away “free” gifts, luring customers to beg for more later.
  • Be vague and mysterious. Which in “testing stage” practice means never answering directly her questions where do you work, what do you read, what is your favorite music band, etc. The exception of this rule is the answer “No”.
  • Answer her questions with reverse questions that would entangle her or would force her to commit to something you demand.
  • Never give her gifts directly or precisely what she is asking to.
  • Be totally unpredictable, send her “mixing signals”, disappear out of her life and reappear.
  • Never be boring. If you do not know what to answer, say “see you later” and walk away.
  • Playing testing is similar to playing poker. Raise stakes and bluff. See what happens.
  • Never show you are insecure or act apologetically. Never seek her approval. Women spot those traits quickly and you are unlikely to pass the testing.
  • Be confident and keep some healthy tension between you and a woman.

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