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How women read sexual body language

Body language that speaks attraction is very easy to learn. Master some basics and develop your own personal sexual communication style that would help you approach women in any situations.
Make sure you are exposing sexual awareness with your body language

If you can develop your body language so that women who are around you will be sure that you are greatly experienced in sex, that you are sexually aware, this will spark sexual attraction on them by the virtue of just being near you physically.

Women watch carefully how men are touching themselves. The touch is the great clue to one’s sexual experience. You can use this knowledge and “trick” women.

  • – Get rid of all the nervous uncontrolled movements either by hands or legs. Nervous ticks show women that you are not aware of what your body is doing, those are signs of inexperienced and possibly unbalanced men.
  • – Stroke the side of your neck from time to time.
  • – Lightly stroke your chest from time to time.
  • – If both of your sitting so she can observe whole your body, spread out your legs slightly and every once in a while lightly caress your inner thighs. This is a very powerful telling sign that you are completely in control of whole of your body and that you know that she knows how this affects her perception of you.
  • – Look with intensity directly in her eyes and then look away. This is a great technique that will create dynamics and tension.

If you watch carefully men who are successful with women, you’d notice something in their body posture that creates irresistible attraction for women. It’s irresistible because it communicates something to her non-verbally, bypassing her analytical centers. The trick is to arrange your body so it is constantly aligned. Which means every part of your body is congruent with every other.

Make your body “aligned” for developing posture that is attractive for women


  • – When you are standing, position your feet so that they are a bit wider than your shoulders.
  • – Lean your shoulders back a little bit.
  • – Position your chin slightly upwards.
  • – To align muscles of your arms, touch each of your forefingers with thumbs.
  • – Walk as if your hips are leading you. When you are leading with your hips as if you are being tugged by your belly by an invisible force that pushing you forward, this is irresistibly attractive for women. They will constantly be aware of your presence.
  • – Lift your chest slightly up. Lifting up chest adds up to your overall masculinity instantly.


When body is positioned like this, it allows your sexual current that is running through your spine to flow “into right direction” unrestrained. Great Eastern teachers of yoga and similar disciplines knew these techniques very well and used them in order to free up sexual energy for improving man’s health. This is not only healthy; it’s extremely sexually attractive for most women to feel your sexual presence around them.

Make these exercises to clear up what do they mean and practice it when you are being near women or just walking around streets and shopping malls. Watch women’s reaction then.

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