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Eight tips on how to make your dating performance better

1. Expose confidence and high self-esteem

No matter how your date is turning up, always keep confidence. It will serve you in the future. Women are prone to capricious and unpredictable behavior, and you have to play exactly opposite. Never ask them to be something they wouldn’t want to be. Women do not like one quality in men above all – it’s complaining about anything. Complaining shows insecurity and women despise insecure men. Keep up your positive attitude in any circumstances.

2. If you feel insecure go to dating gurus and ask for advice

It doesn’t necessarily have to licensed dating coach, but advice from an experienced dater would help you in the beginning. Either you are aiming for long term relationships or just want desperately to get laid and cannot figure out how to begin, there are hundreds of people around who were in similar circumstances. Just ask them how they did it. Do not sit in your room and lament your situation.

3. Invest your time in studying female mind and structure of female emotions

If information that women and men are totally different species sounds like totally ridiculous for you, chances are you wouldn’t perform very well on a dating stage. Female mind works in completely different way than male. But don’t be desperate – there is no “enigma” about the way her brains and emotions centers are operating. Just pick up books on female psychology and study structure of female emotions. You will get much better results in dating if you will become an expert in understanding woman’s mind. Even your female friends would appreciate this.


4. Learn the mechanisms of attraction

The “rules of attraction” is another science you may want to invest your time in studying. There are dozens of mechanisms at work when it comes to attraction. Study from those who are naturally attractive to women or have learned how to manage attraction mechanisms and turn it for their good.

5. Don’t care about how you look because… women do not care about it as well

A lot of guys tend to think that since looks are what is primarily interesting in women, reverse principle applies as well. That is not so! First, different women like different types of men. You can never match their tastes. And second, even bad-looking guys have same chances with women if they learn how to approach them. Make no mistake, do not overemphasize looks, and just be clean and constantly well-groomed.

6. Become an adventurous and set yourself as a challenge for her

One type of guys that seem to have most success with women seems to be some type of ”bad boy“. It doesn’t mean you have to go and start robbing banks, what matters is touch of adventure in your personality. Sense of adventure speaks to her emotional centers and she cannot help but fall for the guy who was so generous to deliver her thrilling moments. Most of the guys are boring, that’s a fact. You will stand out of the usual crowd if you present yourself as a man who is not afraid of challenges. Do not go too far, however, for she might think you a weirdo. Balance your smell of adventure with charm and sense of humor.


7. Women love to have good laughs and value sense of humor in men

If you can make a girl laugh you have managed it at least half a way. While corresponding with her before dating, add as much humor as possible. Watch good comedies and write down several jokes so they will always be at hand when you need them. Women value men with a good sense of humor.

8. Act like you don’t care

You will be surprised that most women who are interested in you will be willing to call you and to set a date with you. And they will initiate that, not you. Because normally guys are calling girls, and girls get used to it. If you act as if you do not care, you set yourself as something special and women like exceptional guys.

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