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How to make her feel the emotion

Have you ever noticed how ridiculous words “I love you” may sound when delivered in an appropriate moment, with inappropriate voice tone or incongruent body language? Even for men emotions being conveyed will be definitely labeled as “fake”, if supplemented with “wrong” body language. Women are experts in reading emotions, and in order to make her believe that you actually experience certain emotion you have to study how women are triggered by emotions.

Women feel your emotions when they can experience these emotions themselves

Women’s emotions are always in the state of “effluence”. She actually doesn’t know which emotion she feels at any given moment. It’s very hard for the woman to define “what she feels”, or even “who she is”. That is why direct questions like “What do you feel of this?” are very hard to answer for most women. She just doesn’t know. In face, she would die to find the answer herself every time. This is a mystery to her. Her emotions are not fixed but rather remind of a cascade of constantly reshaped and deformed water falling from a height.

Psychologists know very well that, if you describe certain emotion, your listener will actually start to experience it. This technique is being used in many psychological experiments, interrogation procedures and carefully prepared screenplays designed to evoke one or the other emotion in a participant or a viewer.

The “Pink Elephant Principle”

There is well-known phenomenon described in popular scientific literature known as “The Pink Elephant Principle”. The principle is simple: when you tell your listener about certain emotion, this emotion will be actually experienced by your listener. For a moment listener will be subjected to exactly what you are describing. Why does it work like that? Because in order to grasp the meaning of your story careful listener have to surrender to the meaning of the words your story is filled with. His or her imagination will start to produce images associated with certain words and will force listener to either experience something that she was subjected to in the past or to construct his or her own experience. That is why when you are telling her “do not think of Pink Elephant”, she will do exactly the opposite - will start thinking of Pink Elephant.


Women’s perceptions and sensations are determined by their emotions

If women are not prepared for something emotionally, they will still react badly to it, even if it feels good on the physical level to them. That is why mentioning of sex activities may spawn her inappropriate repulsive reaction if she is not carefully prepared to experience this sensation and perception of sex beforehand. This means you should carefully build up solid basis for her virtual “sex experience” that is triggered by mere mentioning of word “sex”. She has to emotionally go through all stages that normally precede pleasurable sex experience for women. That is, she must feel relaxation, warmth, “opening up” beforehand. Otherwise sex experience may be easily repulsive for her, even experienced only in her imagination.

Specify your sensual experience as much as possible to trigger her emotions

In order to make her experience the emotion you should mention this emotion with all the details that preceded its emergence, you should relish every sensation. If you describe her how you “fell in love”, come up with all sorts of nuances and sensations you might have felt while “falling in love”. For example, say that “this is as if warm cascade of unknown substance pulsated through whole my body from top to toes”. Or “When I fell in love whole room started to sound like a choir of crickets”, or “as if my skin was bombarded with soft balls of snow”. This details will make her feel actually how you have been in love, and she will start experience the same feeling towards you.


As you describe the experience, look and sound and act as if you are feeling the emotional state you are describing

This is crucial to be congruent while you are describing emotions and sensations to her. Women find expressiveness very attractive in men. You have noticed probably that successful politicians use their body language at full gear when they are addressing speeches to the public. They not only use words that were written for somebody else for them, but they use whole their body. That is why they can gain the trust from the crowd they are preaching. What is left at the end of the day is the impression of a person delivering speech being congruent, and not the content of the speech. The more you look as if you are feeling what you are describing, the safer your listener feels in following that experience.