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Places for a first date – advantages and shortcomings

Any place could be good for a first date if you are in control of situation. You can both decide where to go depending on a mood, weather and circumstances. However, knowing advantages and disadvantages of various places which are popular for first dates would save you a lot of time, worries and will help you make your date a truly unique experience.


If you pick restaurants as a place for date make sure you pick the restaurant you know well. Would be good if you know not only the place, but know cuisine, wines they serve, music they play in this restaurant. Great advantage for you will be if you’d get acquainted with one of the waiters in advance and would tell him that you are about to bring your date to the place. Give a waiter generous tips and he will take care of your evening to your advantage.

Things to consider when inviting a woman for a first date to a restaurant:

  • Music they normally play there.
  • Lighting.
  • Overall noise.
  • Taxi service restaurant is attached to.
  • Do not choose small restaurants for it can be uncomfortable.
  • Consider your budget and prices in the venue.
  • If you do not know good restaurants, always ask somebody to recommend you the place.
  • Ask your woman if she is vegetarian or not and choose the restaurant accordingly.



Bars while being democratic by nature have two shortcomings – there is always loud inside and bars usually are crowdy. Unless you know the nice bar with familiar personnel, you’d better avoid bars as an initial place for your first date. You can go to the bar once you have already spent part of the evening somewhere else.

Things to consider when inviting a woman for a first date in a bar:

  • Make sure you know the place very well.
  • Make sure music is not superloud there.
  • Ask your date if she drinks alcohol at all to save the confusion.
  • There are bars that have reputation for being a bar “for singles only”. Do not pick that one for obvious reasons.


Inviting your date for a cocktail in a lounge could be a good idea, especially when either of you are busy at working hours. Lounges normally offer comfortable sofas where you can sit and relax.

Things to consider when inviting a woman for a first date in a lounge for a cocktail:

  • Be aware of the proximity of a lounge to the place where she is working/ spending her day hours.
  • Make sure this lounge is not a “waiting room”, but rather a place where visitors congregate for negotiations and meetings. Every hotel provides such places.
  • Make sure the place is not very pricey.

A movie

Movies are probably the most popular place where couples usually go. If you know that she is fond of cinema, this is a place to go at a first date. Movies do not run more than two hours and could be a good starting point for a successful date. There are bars inside the theatres where you can sit after movie is over and discuss it together.

Things to consider when inviting a woman for a first to see a movie together:

  • Ask her which type of movies she prefers and pick relevant genre.
  • Do not choose movie that includes scenes of violence, misogyny or is very serious (for example political.) You do not want her to be moody after seeing a flick. Comedies would be the best choice.
  • Prepare that you are not about to talk to her for two hours in a row. If you have urgent things to say to her right from the start, movies is not your choice for a first date.
  • Check if the theatre has special comfortable sofas designed for couples. You wouldn’t be separated by chairs then.


Museums, art galleries

Art galleries and museums provide a great opportunity for a first date. They are not as absorbing as movies and you can actually communicate with each other while walking through galleries. On the other hand, they provide immediate subject for discussions, you do not have to worry whether she likes particular painting or not, you can always go to the next one. Besides you chose a gallery, not a specific exhibition, right?

Things to consider when inviting a woman for a first to the museum or art gallery:

  • Make sure there is a bar or cafe inside a gallery so you can invite your date for a drink after you’ve finished with exhibition.
  • Ask her if she likes art and which type of art and choose museum or art gallery accordingly.

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