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How to write her a love letter

Statistics says that more than a half of the books that women buy are romance novels and stories. However “intellectual” woman may be, she can’t help but surrender to beautiful descriptions of “romance” that has happened to someone. Woman read anything that involves romance, even cheesiest novels. To write her love letter or engage in romanticized exchange of letters you may want to consider several techniques.

Specific way of using vocabulary

Read a couple of romance novels and notice how professional writers use language. Better read those novels that were written by women: Charlotte Bronte, Kathleen Woodiwiss or Jennifer Crusie. It does not necessarily have to be popular forms of erotic novels for women. What you would notice is that writers use a lot of adjectives and adverbs. Descriptions of feeling are rich and full of metaphors. Sensual experience described as if from several points of view from each sense woman has. But what is even more important, is the ability of good writers to get deep into the emotional state of a woman and vividly describe every nuance in her inner life. Emotions are complex and each one unfolds into a new emotion, creating truly complex set of rich emotional life. If you fill you romantic letter with description of such emotional states, woman that reads your mail will actually start feel empathy for you and will be most appreciated that you are able to understand how actually complex her feelings can be. Most males do not understand that and write very short messages as if making orders or thanking somebody. Use several adjectives – one, then another, then another, then another.


Use metaphors extensively in your love letters

Metaphors are very powerful tools for conveying emotional subtext. Metaphors go directly to our right hemisphere without being analyzed. They can work like a bomb. Therefore sensorial information contained in metaphor doesn’t need to be verified and analyzed but only needs to be experienced.

When she is experiencing you metaphor, it will stay on her mind forever, giving birth to the array of feelings and emotions. Metaphors are working best when compound with other metaphors. If you fill your letter with a number of metaphors for feelings and excitement it will work for you.

For example, if you want to convey “warmth” you feel when thinking of her, you can use expressions like “I feel as though there is a volcano being awakened inside me” and ”there is a fireball attack going on across my spine” and “when I am thinking of you I feel like I was thrown out of the froze into a warm bath”, and so forth.

We recommend you to practice the use of metaphors as much as possible.

Combine abstract ideas with sensorial descriptions

For majority of women, abstract ideas like “destiny” and “love” and “relationships” and such lead to the actual experience of real concrete feelings. Those physical feelings make her feel good, she is getting thrilled. If your abstract words don’t just “hang in the air” in the letter, but follow sensory experience you have described before, she will automatically connect them and will start experience actual “love” and build the idea of “relationships” with you in her mind.


Build emotional experiences

Female emotions are chain-like. One triggers the other, then the other and so forth. If you build, from letter to letter, your “building” of emotions, you will guide her through desirable chain towards your ultimate goal- feeling of love and desire.

Women have intrinsic structure of fantasies and those are activated when you mention specific emotion. That is why you should avoid mentioning “pain”, “suffering”, “loss”, “threat”, etc. Most likely there will be chain of emotions activated that would destroy all the positive emotions and feelings in her and would lead to negative effects. On the other hand, if you use words like “connection” and “bond” you will trigger positive feelings.

Suggest her writing a romance novel together

The very good way of communicating via love letters would be actually constructing “abstract” love story with her together, in the course of exchange of emails. She starts, you continue, and then she picks up this story and so on. Except being a great fun, this method will make her feel something towards you, “extrapolating” feelings of characters in your story on you.

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