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Eight usual mistakes men are committing when dating women

1. Your appearance is not everything

Of course looks matter and if you are bodybuilder your success with women is guaranteed, but only within a certain range of women. Most women do not value your physical fit as much as they value your intellect, manners and sense of humor. Don’t throw away your monthly fitness abonnements; just don’t emphasize your looks.

2. When you are needy, call your mom

Common mistake that most men do is being intensely needy of women. And what is worse, showing that need to the very women they need. It’s a bit tricky, but you shouldn’t confuse attention with neediness. Women have a perfect spotting mechanism for needy men and they will shove you off right away. Why is that so? Neediness shows insecure and women avoid insecure men.

3. Getting too close to her too soon

Women do not appreciate when men are getting close to them eliminating preliminary procedures of courtship. This is not because all women are old-fashioned, but because women see sexual activity as a continuation of a romantic dating
. If you will get sexual towards her right from the start you will make a mistake.


4. Showing your low social status or acting as though you have one

Even if you are from working-class family you should never show this to a woman while dating her. In general, women tend to choose partner of a high social status because this will ensure their future.

5. Bragging and seeking approval

Avoid bragging about your achievements in life at all costs. Women take bragging as a sign of insecurity and indeed they are right. If you are who you are, you wouldn’t need to show that you have something else to offer her. If you start putting upfront your achievements in sport, business or your sexual prowess, it means that something is not right with your self-esteem.

6. Looking for the “signs of fate”

Some guys were brought up this way, some read too much fairy tales, and some have their parents as example of perfect long-term relationships. The image of “signs of fate” is being formed in their minds. The reality is, you can wait forever until beautiful princess will demand your service as a knight in shining armor and save her and you will have sufficient reason to make her a marriage proposal. Act now, do not wait.


7. Being too courteous and mannerly, representing “nice guys” breed

Girls always claim that they prefer those guys who are being “nice” to them. This is what they are supposed to tell about their male preferences. In fact, that is what society taught them to tell. In reality girls prefer “bad boys” much more. This is why you see so many well-mannered and well-bred girls with guys who you might consider a danger to society at times. While it doesn’t mean you have to be rude to women, a touch of adventure will certainly increase your dating chances.

8. Convincing yourself that “you are not ready yet”

If you will think that you are not skillful enough in dating women, that you are doomed to fail and you have to go through lengthy processes of acquiring dating knowledge, you will probably never date successfully. Experience is always better, even if it is a negative experience.

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