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Find out how to detect if your girlfriend from Ukraine is ready for sex

A man always wants to know whether she is ready to lay in bed with him or not. It is crucial question of the relationships because if you are hurry to much it might spoil everything and she will think that sex is the only thing she needs for. Otherwise if you are too slow with it, she might get depressed because she will feel not attractive for you so to find the right time for sexual relationships is more than simply important. How to do that properly?

Some of the girls from Ukraine are quite naughty so they will start saying dirty words when they are in mood for sex, especially when they have never said such curses before. All the sudden changes of mood and turning into dirt might be thought as her desire so there is no need to be surprised by her words but that is the best time for action. Moreover, she might become more active than usually, kicking her partner or punching him. This way she wants to get his attention and together with the curses or simply some seductive words it is a cocktail that will lead you both in a bedroom.

One more way to understand that she is ready for sex is to listen carefully her compliments. Usually girls are saying them not too much in attention to men so if she starts doing so that is a reason to think it over. Moreover if she dedicates them to some parts of the body like arms or chest then she does wants to see them naked. Of course there are such compliments as “you are so smart” or ‘you are so funny’ but that is not the point because only her cute words dedicated to the strength of her partner means that it is a high time.

To define that she wants to begin sexual relationships might help her way of touching her boyfriend. Usually the girls are slightly modest this way so if she starts sliding her hands on the arms or chest that means she is interested in it. Moreover, if she puts her hands lower than it is a signal for sure. This way you do not have to hesitate because if she does not see your reaction she might get embarrassed and lose her mood for sex. So if she starts touching the parts of your body that means you have to begin doing that either. Quite soon you will find out yourselves in a bedroom.
Of course nothing speaks better for us than our language. When she wants to have sex she will mention this topic quite often. She might say that recently her friends have had it for the first time and then that she saw the TV program about animals that were doing that. Anyway, if that topic is a central theme during the date then a boyfriend has to understand that she wants to have it tonight. We usually talk about the things we are interested in so there is no such a girl who will talk about distant countries without an intention to visit them. With sex it is the same so if she mentions it, she will expect some action from you that night.


All in all, it is not that obvious sometimes that she wants to have sex. Some girls adore playing with their partners so they will never show their real attitude towards such relationships and the man has to solve that puzzle on its own. It is important not to make a mistake because it might lead to an awkward situation. However if you are both interested in that relationships then this mistake will not be crucial at all and that feeling of awkwardness will disappear soon so you will be able to begin from the blank paper.

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