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How to successfully flirt with women

Women are experts in all the aspects of flirting, much more than they seem to be for a man. Women seem to have different modes of behavior – they switch between normal social communication and communication with added flirting. If you understand how flirt works, what are the mechanisms that trigger women’s responses, you can use this old technique to your advantage.

Take flirting as playing an enthralling and fascinating game

This is essential to prepare yourself for a “game-mood” before starting to flirt. Women can recognize when you are playing and when you are being serious. Setting game-mode to your flirting behavior immediately puts your game in the specific zone where rules of attraction are applicable. Consider the difference between two approaches to the attractive woman you have noticed somewhere:

1. “Hey, beauty! How are you? Are you here alone or with your boyfriend?”

2. “Hey, I am thinking of you standing alone here and this is probably because you cannot get attention from men. That is why I am here!”

In the first example you are obviously being serious, just communicating to her that she hooked you with her looks. While in the second, this is obvious that you are gaming, you are flirting. You are not being serious while at the same time you are attracted to her somehow.

Start flirting game from the very start

Start approach women in a flirting way and you will realize that most women are all too ready to be in your game. This happens because they feel your vibes of attraction, and cannot help but participate in your flirting. When flirting is delivered properly, with humor and right choice of words, it puts woman in a state comparable to trance.

Practice, practice, practice

The key to be good at flirting is to understand how it works. You can only achieve understanding with “trial and error”. Go out and practice until you get a feeling how flirting works. Most men try flirting at some point of their lives, but quickly give up because women often respond in a negative way to their approaches. Men take it personally, but what happens really is that they didn’t manage to “tune up” to her frequency. They get our frustrated thinking that they do not have sense of humor or they are not attractive or intelligent enough. In fact, rejection causes physical pain because pain receptors are activated by the same areas of the brain that are responsible for emotional rejection – one of very primal emotions of human beings.

Examples of flirting

Take one “normal” topic of conversation, like her job, her exams, her level of income, etc. and create of this topic a flirtatious mood. For example, is she says “I am afraid I am going to pass the exam”, say her: “well, then I am not going to marry you”. This sounds stupid, but it actually creates sexual tension. She will probably respond you back: “What?? Was my exam a marriage test? Wait, we do not even know each other”. Situation sparked by this dialogue will be so absurd that she wouldn’t help but laugh. The secret is in converting normal subjects to “relationships” curve, which includes topics of marriage, being a girlfriend, breaking up and similar. Those are topics that are so fundamental for every woman that she cannot help but respond to your absurd humor.

When you go to a restaurant next time and waitress says to something absurd you have ordered “I am sorry, sir. We do not have this in our menu”. Reply to her “now our relationships are going to end”. You can use this technique in any interaction with women when they say something that doesn’t suit you.

You can use overdramatic complaining about her performance at university or at her workplace. Or how impossible, how bad you think she is.

This way you are initiating entirely different communication, and, when woman is up to this dialogue, the game starts.


Flirting without using verbal skills

If you feel insecure about your tone of voice, as if your voice can betray your game, try flirting non-verbally. If she scratches her nose, mimic her movements and scratch your nose but with exaggerated effort. If woman touches you, look at this like something very important has just happened, slowly look up at her with the expression of the biggest surprise you had in years. Make this “Aha!” expression, and nod to her like you understood that she has sudden sexual desire for you. This works because it exaggerates her simple touching and it’s delivered in humorous sequence of facial expressions.

All that would work because it shows that you do not care whether she stays or goes, you are not after her like most men are, you are just a good friend to her.

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