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Sometimes it is very hard to understand what intentions the woman has about her partner. There are a lot of girls who want to get married quickly and then take your money or a citizenship so it is reasonable to be cautious about them. That is why it is important to understand what she wants from you before marriage thus to prevent your life from destruction by crafty woman from Ukraine.
First of all, her speech says about her wishes the best. Usually if the one wants to get something he or she starts mentioning that from time to time. For example, she might start saying a lot about how the great is the country of her boyfriend and how perfect it would be to change Ukraine for it. It is ok when it happens twice for a life together but if the story is repeating over and over again, you will have to be prepared for the negative future of the relationships. By the way if she talks a lot about the culture of the Western country and how she dislikes the Ukrainian one it is a signal too, because she despises her motherland and that woman is ready to take any chance to leave it.

There are girls who are curious about money more than about something else. They might talk about shopping all the time discussing with their partners new furs, jewelry or something else. If they do not want to talk about culture, art or family and it is hard to for them to reveal something connected with their life or they are reluctant to tell that, it means there is something wrong with her intentions. She might be either not very smart person or she is simply eager to get the fortune of her boyfriend. Both ways it is a bad situation because nobody wants to have a dull partner who is interested only in new stuff.

Moreover, it is a bad sign when she wants to postpone sex till the official marriage. She might say that her intention is connected with traditions and religion but it is claptrap. The society in Ukraine has changed completely so it is more than doubtful when the girl uses such a reason to avoid sexual relationships. Moreover she might sleep with her boyfriend however she might lack passion. A woman in love will show her satisfaction during sex because it is pleasure for her, but for that one who lies such an action is a torture.

Her gestures might show her attitude sometimes better than any words. There is not a significant probability that she is a good psychologist so barely does she know how to use the language of her body. That is why if she leans forward to you during the conversations it means that she is interested in you. However if your girlfriend crosses the legs or hands it means that she is in a defensive position so she does not want to listen something from you. Of course sometimes people love to stay at their shells but they usually reveal their real inside to the one they love.

All in all, a lot of girls want to have relationships filled up with romance and happiness. That is why luckily there are not that much women who want to deceive their boyfriends. Usually such girls are not smart enough or simply have a low self-appreciation so they try to lie to the whole world imitating the love relationships. So a man who wants to understand her intentions should be prepared to listen to her with care and to look for her every movement because all the gestures always mean something.


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