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Why sex is different for men and women

Men and women approach sex and sexual communications in a totally different way. Women are turned on by different things than men. Let’s figure out what stands behind those differences.
Men want sex “right now”, women prefer waiting and anticipating

Guys want to have sex “right now”. That means they wouldn’t mind having a sexual intercourse with a woman they just saw and liked. Women prefer waiting before a decision is formed in their minds whether to have sex with a particular guy. When you know what are those things that arouse women you can easily find a key to sexual arousal in most women you’d meet.

Men “think” with left hemisphere, women – with both hemispheres

Women use both left and right hemispheres of their brains to understand world. Most men use only left hemisphere. So women analyze words and speech logically, as men do, but their right hemisphere is also at work simultaneously and provides emotions which “complement” words being heard.

Different mechanisms of sexual arousal in women and men

Women can be aroused when they see a naked man, also they can be aroused thinking of sex, but then a lot of things start to interfere. Women start thinking about consequences of sexual intercourse, for example pregnancy, possible conflict with their existing relationships, etc. So women can be aroused, but then they have some thinking about being aroused, and effect of the sexual arousal is blocked in their minds.

Women perceive language differently than men

Women don’t just interpret words logically but also experience them emotionally. Women can be turned on by words they hear, this ability allows them to feel comfortable and aroused by the experience of seeing or imagining a naked man. So women can be turned on by this process as easily as men are turned on when they imagine naked women.

“Romantic” words that may sound laughable and ridiculous to men but can become erotic for women.

Women have much more complex emotional responses than men

If you gently touch woman’s hand she starts experience feeling of warmth. She might be aroused by your caressing. But in addition to physical response – quickened heart rate, dilated pupils, tightened muscles, she will feel eagerness. This can lead up to sexual arousal. And arousal will force her to be more open emotionally, which conversely opens her up on physical level. Everything goes all right so far, but her physical openness is linked directly to the last time she experienced these feelings. Which might lead to shame, then to guilt, then to the sense of her being a victim. This can make her angry. So in the end she can have conflict between her emotional state and set of abstract values which she has battle with.

Women are more strongly influenced by their intrinsic emotional reactions to the world than to the world itself

Women lead very intricate and complex inner life that cannot be possibly visible on a surface. She can have very strong ideas about sex; in fact women fantasize about sex even more than men. But in order for her to be prepared to “open up” for sexual communications, either conversational or physical, she must prepare herself with all the set of feelings and emotions inside her.


Why women turned on by “rude” words and extreme situations

Sometimes women are getting really turned on by the words describing sexual intercourse like “fornication”, ”copulation”, etc. This happens because those words really link to the basic “animal-like” processes that any woman always is prepared for. However, while for most guys discussing physiological instincts is normal with anybody anytime, women should feel comfort with the environment they are in. In extreme situations women can surrender to wild sexual activity because sense of danger comes from the same brain region as sexual behavior regulators, and those two are getting “mixed up” in female brain.

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