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How to pass women’s testing

Women are testing men for being a good old alpha-male, the one she would surrender to at the drop of the hat. Essentially, women are attracted to the traditional set of “masculinity”, similar to what was projected on silver screen by James Bond and Humphrey Bogart.

How women and man perceive language

Men and women perceive language in a totally different way. Neurobiologists figured that out long ago by using various methods which register activity in the brain region responsible for processing language.

Eight usual mistakes men are committing when dating women

1. Your appearance is not everything
Of course looks matter and if you are bodybuilder your success with women is guaranteed, but only within a certain range of women. Most women do not value your physical fit as much as they value your intellect, manners and sense of humor.

Romantic date with Ukrainian woman

If you met Ukrainian woman you set a date with her, make sure to go through check-list of what to do and what not to do during a romantic evening. Why evening should necessarily be romantic? Well, if you are looking for long-term relationships with Ukrainian woman, you’d better prepare solid grounds for such relationships.

Six signs of female sexual arousal

Most men cannot really understand female sexuality. Either you have close relationships with a woman or have only just met, the ability to spot signs of sexual arousal is crucial in healthy sexual relationships.

How to write her a love letter

Statistics says that more than a half of the books that women buy are romance novels and stories. However “intellectual” woman may be, she can’t help but surrender to beautiful descriptions of “romance” that has happened to someone. Woman read anything that involves romance, even cheesiest novels.

Places for a first date – advantages and shortcomings

Any place could be good for a first date if you are in control of situation. You can both decide where to go depending on a mood, weather and circumstances. However, knowing advantages and disadvantages of various places which are popular for first dates would save you a lot of time, worries and will help you make your date a truly unique experience.

How to make her feel the emotion

Have you ever noticed how ridiculous words “I love you” may sound when delivered in an appropriate moment, with inappropriate voice tone or incongruent body language? Even for men emotions being conveyed will be definitely labeled as “fake”, if supplemented with “wrong” body language.

Eight tips on how to make your dating performance better

1. Expose confidence and high self-esteem
No matter how your date is turning up, always keep confidence. It will serve you in the future. Women are prone to capricious and unpredictable behavior, and you have to play exactly opposite. Never ask them to be something they wouldn’t want to be.

How women read sexual body language

Learning how to use the language to attract women is not enough. When you are communicating to a girl you like on online dating website you don’t have other instruments but the language you are using. You may succeed in that, but the next stage happens when you are actually meeting a woman. In the “real world” meeting other instruments are coming at full power.

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