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Is it true that a lot of beautiful Ukrainian ladies are scammers?

Ukrainians as a people aren’t very well thought of, and it’s not necessarily fair or well-founded. Apart from the general resentment towards this ethnic group, there are stereotypes: the men are drunkards, and the women are scammers. The former may be true to a degree, but did the beautiful Ukrainian ladies deserve such treatment?

Table of content:

  1. Where’s the rumor coming from
  2. Is it truly well-founded?
  3. The length of such a scam
  4. How often does it happen
  5. Does Ukraine have all of the factors?
  6. Crime in Ukraine
  7. Where do you find good women?
  8. In conclusion

Not to say that this stereotype is well-founded, but these rumors don’t start out of nothing, nor should you disregard it. Ukrainians in Eastern Europe are notorious for being opportunistic and sometimes even unprincipled.

It must be true to a degree, but the real question (that, likely, bothers you the most) is how big is the chance that you’ll be scammed out of your belongings by the beautiful Ukrainian ladies you’ve just met.

Where’s the rumor coming from

It would be nice to say for sure that it’s just anti-Ukrainian propaganda, but no one in their right mind would pay to slander the women of one specific country. The stereotypes like this one usually come from the European Internet community.

They like to roast their fellow Europeans in the way people from other continents can’t. It’s generally based on the real humiliating happenings and facts. Slavs are the most popular targets, it’s unsurprising.

The probable scenario is that someone reported a Ukrainian woman who stole his money, and then it started reoccurring. That played along with the prejudice that Slavs are weird folk (to put it gently). And then the community never let go.

The reason why you can assume that it’s exactly what happened is the fact that Poles suffered the same fate. But instead of alcoholism and stealing, the image of cheap work-force has been attributed to them. 

Image of a rash date

Is it truly well-founded?

Ukrainians are quite opportunistic, that’s for sure. But to be frank, if you are to be deceived like this, it likely won’t be a ‘classic’ scam when your credit card gets stolen while you’re busy with your new girlfriend or whatever. It can happen, but mostly in cinemas.

What’s genuinely accurate is a date on which you’ll be asked to buy something for the lady. It may even be paired with the scheme to redeem the goods afterward. You can’t underestimate the ingenuity of a Ukrainian mind when it comes to making money.

The length of such a scam

What you expect from scammers to do when they’ve taken what they came for is to disappear and never contact you again. But in this case, it may not be just one date. She may want to be your girlfriend for some time, with all that it implies. A full-time dating, all the while you’re expected to give money.

It won’t probably even be regarded as a scam by a scammer, just a fair exchange. In its core, however, it is. Because she’ll be off to somewhere once you’ve shut the money stream. Unless you’ve chosen to break up first, that is. And by that time you’ll have gained nothing from this relationship. Apart from the experience, that is.

How often does it happen

Such cases aren’t getting reported to authorities very often, the reason is simple — it’s pretty humiliating. And also, the elements of what you can call ‘a scam’ aren’t exactly well-established. You may try to report that a woman convinced you to spend money on her, but that’s dumb. Unless you’ve been drugged or hypnotized, it’s never going to work.

In short, there’s really no way to know the chances of being scammed for certain. Seeing what people on the Internet say about this doesn’t help too, it’s no use learning that all Ukrainians are thieves from a guy who’s never ever seen a Ukrainian.

Plus, it’s unfair to say that scamming people by ‘persuading’ them to buy stuff is a Ukrainian invention. It’s obviously a very common practice. But what makes it more tempting to try it are these three factors:

  1. Your own charming personality;
  2. The low amount of any other income
  3. The lack of condemning by society

Does Ukraine have all of the factors?

Yes, mostly. When it comes to being charmed, you can find one of these beautiful Ukrainian ladies with ease. Now, beauty isn’t a factor at all. You should see if the woman has been dating a lot recently, and you don’t need a psychology class to figure it out. These women are charming, especially if you’re a Westerner. Ukrainians generally like the Westerners, for some reason.

But to be fair, being good-looking doesn’t guarantee anything (even more so, as there are many beautiful women in Ukraine), you should also have some composure to pull off even the simplest deceptions.

The kind of schemes that employ attracting your attention while the actual thief takes your money, for instance, requires even more skill. Be aware that not all beautiful Ukrainian ladies here like to see you just because you are a Western.

Not being naive abroad saves you a lot of trouble, in fact. If you are pretty naive, your chances of being scammed by people who never even did something of the sort are very high. On the other hand, always being aware decreases these chances a lot, all the while making you paranoid of people who generally like you.

Crime in Ukraine

It’s not safe to assume that the population always turns to illegal income when there’s a lack of a legal one. But, all things considered, Ukraine is a country with high levels of poverty and crime (one of the leaders in Europe).

With women who easily draw your attention, the high levels of crime and poverty, scamming is very tempting and has good soil. On a theoretical level, coming to Ukraine on a regular basis may leave you without funds at all, be that due to scamming or common robbery.

And people around won’t support you either. It’s your fault you ended up deceived by a woman like that.

In the end, there’s a high chance that any of these beautiful Ukrainian ladies will swindle you, but only if you’re naive and approach the wrong people. There are much more well-mannered Ukrainian women. Men ignore them because they aren’t as posh and elegant. But at least they won’t try to take your money.

Where do you find good women?

Image of couple on beach

It’s not like you can’t tell that the person will try to capitalize on the relationship. They date a lot and they are posh. And, as mentioned, many of your friends may be doing the same thing, and you don’t think of them as scammers, but they are. Hence, most of the time, it isn’t a sincere relationship.

But how do you get a sincere relationship with a woman whose top priority won’t be to increase their livelihood at your expense? If you want to find one, then you have to look more often at the interests the person has, and not the pictures they send you.

If a short-lived relationship that requires money is fine by you, then it’s alright. Otherwise, you and your girlfriend will have to talk about something. The safe bet is to use matchmakers or dating websites where you can see what people are interested in. It will also let you know if the person speaks English, saving you a lot of awkwardness.

In conclusion

The beautiful Ukrainian ladies may turn out to only want your money, with a high chance of it. But then, people complain about this sort of women because that’s the kind of women they want to date. They don’t really scam people that much, they just use the naivety.

Well, that’s it about the Ukrainians and their scamming. If you want more advice on how to date them, however, feel free to explore the other articles on this website. Here’s also a short video on this subject you may like:

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