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Top 10 themes for a chat with Ukraine ladies

This article is a must-read for men who have difficulty communicating with the Ukraine ladies. The article contains proven practical advice on how to overcome shyness, learn how to engage in an interesting dialogue and avoid embarrassment. Moreover, several universal topics for conversations that will help if it became completely empty in the head.

Table of content:

  1. Build right a conversation
  2. Activities and hobbies
  3. Art topics
  4. Travel preferences
  5. Humour is important
  6. Compliments
  7. Animals
  8. Work and study
  9. Plans for Future
  10. Intimate topics

Just the look of beautiful Ukraine ladies makes you feel nervous, your hands become warm and you’re terrified to approach to her. Why? Because you do not have enough confidence or afraid that she will refuse. Of course this feeling can cause a lot of discomfort in your life. If you do not have enough experience in relations, it is not a reason for shyness. The longer you keep the silence, the less chances you have.

The first date is a very important and exciting moment in the relationship, because you will no longer have the opportunity to make a first impression. This day is equally exciting for both the men and Ukraine ladies. Dress / shirt, makeup, perfume – everything should be perfect. There is no limit to the excitement, because they will not only look at you, you will have to talk. In order to have the most pleasant and fun time, we have compiled for you a list of 10 topics that can be discussed on your first date.

Build right a conversation

Men are from Mars, and women from Venus? It seems to be not, but common topics are sometimes difficult to find. We are definitely of the same species, but sometimes both of them act as aliens and it becomes difficult to understand each other.

The modern pace of life is such that meeting new people takes place constantly and everywhere. The problem of making a good impression on Ukraine ladies arises not only on a date, but also during correspondence on the Internet or talking on the phone. To solve this problem, a little preparation and a selection of interesting topics for conversation are enough.

  • Choose topics that interest both people. Otherwise, the dialogue will turn into a monologue, and someone will get bored.
  • Do not interrupt. Men like girls to listen. During the story, you can insert short comments that encourage you to continue the story and confirm your interest in the story.
  • Do not talk about everything at once. Ukraine ladies, carried away, try to tell as much as possible. As a result, partner loses the thread of the conversation and with it the interest. It is necessary to restrain your emotionality and not jump from topic to topic too quickly.

No matter how you try to prepare, there may come a moment of awkward pause. For such cases, your arsenal should have at least five stories that you can tell the Ukraine ladies.

Your task is to interest the Ukraine ladies so that she is interested in communicating with you. Keep in mind that most women do not understand anything at all in technology, computers and machines; such topics are unlikely to interest them.

Activities and hobbies

First of all, it is worth asking what Ukraine ladies are doing, where do they study, what is his business. If a person sincerely loves his field of activity, will be able to tell a lot of interesting things about it, including funny stories. As a result, the partners may have intersection points or even common friends. If you are lucky, the hobby will be, if not common, and then at least close to both participants in the conversation. If not, you will have the opportunity to learn something new for yourself or desire to boast your own achievements.

Try to bring her positive emotions

Art topics

The same situation is with your favorite music, books, and movies. You can discuss styles, genres and trends, favorite artists, directors, actors, writers. Perhaps the tastes coincide – or not, and there is nothing wrong with that. It is important when talking about taste preferences in one direction or another not to neglect, not to criticize and not to condemn.

Travel preferences

Psychologists say that one of the best topics for communication is travelling. Just because there are no people who do not like them. You can discuss countries that you have already visited: what you liked there or not, where would like to return.

You can share plans and future routes for new trips. Ask Ukraine ladies  for advice through which agency it is more profitable to buy a ticket or where to order tickets and which hotel to choose. Find out if the she has experience traveling abroad by car and ask about it. Keep the conversation simple. Do not ask too long or complex questions, moreover, they should suggest detailed answers. If it becomes obvious that your partner does not want to answer, no need to insist.

On a date, the couple’s task is to learn and understand about each other as much as possible, make an impression and decide for themselves whether there is any sense in these relations.

Humour is important

A huge plus in communication can serve humour. Laughter prolongs lives. Thus make more jokes, tell her funny stories from real life, about you and your friends. Keep at least five jokes to impress her and make conversation simple and pleasurable. Cheer her up! A sense of humour is a very important communication bridge that men consider their sovereign territory. British scientists have found that humour is directly proportional to the amount of testosterone in the blood. That is male sexuality. The more you joking in front of her, the better your prospects for the future. Do not worry Ukraine ladies won’t attempt to compete with you, they are too smart for that.


The main idea is not to exaggerate! Couple of phrases will be enough; tell her how beautiful she looks, dress fits her wonderful, as well as lipstick. Keep in your mind that Ukraine ladies spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, to look amazing on the date. Appreciate her effort!

Choose restaurant for a first date


Ukraine ladies love to talk about dogs and cats. No doubts all girls love animals. Start conversation about her pets, how she spend time with them. Do not forget to ask about their photo. Show her that you cares, will be a huge plus for future relations. Moreover, if you have animals too, then on this topic you can talk endlessly. This topic is very light and always causes positive emotions. From this mood will rise, the topic can smoothly go into any other direction, and your partner will be more relaxed and open.

They prefer to have a dog or a cat

Work and study

This topic can be considered boring and will not take much time because on a date you want to relax and not think about work. True, the importance of the topic is present in order to know what kind of person is sitting in front of you, so as not to get into an awkward situation. For example, you will talk for an hour about how afraid and hate dentists are, and your partner is just a dentist.

Do not forget that on the first date your partner will be a little constrained, and your task is to talk to him, to set him up for positive. You should not talk about intimate topics, as well as about negative things like illnesses, ex-boys / girls, etc.

This topic also has an extensive list of questions for discussion, starting from kindergarten and ending with high school. You can discuss your favorite school subjects, choice of specialty, funny stories and even familiar teachers.

Plans for Future

Do not be afraid to talk about future plans with Ukraine ladies. Ask where the person sees himself after 5 years. This will give you an idea with whom you are talking. How serious are his intentions in terms of adulthood. Can one rely on such a person? Of course, if it is very important for you to know this when building relationships.

Intimate topics

Be careful with this topic. Start it only when you have reached a full understanding and your stories will not offend her. At the same time, avoid the talk about her previous relations. Feel free to talk about sex poses that she prefers.

However, in order to succeed try to bring the intimate topic at the end of the date. Ukraine ladies get scared very easy having a conversation about sex at the beginning. In a conversation with Ukraine ladies, act on the circumstances. Do not worry, do not be nervous, try to keep confidence. On your first date, do not rush the events. Relax, enjoy her company as if she is your good friend!

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