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Ukrainian ladies for marriage: do they want to leave their country?

If you’ve decided to meet Ukrainian ladies for marriage on a dating site, you may wonder whether they are genuinely interested in finding a life partner or it’s an easy way to leave their country. First of all, each person is different and their motivations and reasons behind joining a dating site are different, too.

Table of content:

  1. Why do Ukrainian women look for a husband abroad?
  2. Local men don’t meet their expectations
  3. Challenging economic environment
  4. If you’re ready to move to Ukraine, would a woman agree?
  5. Will she leave you once she gets a citizenship of your country?
  6. How to help her adapt abroad?

One should form their opinions based on general conclusions. There are plenty of misconceptions about Slavic women, and if you believe everything you read on the internet, you may lose a perfect chance to find your second half. One thing that attracts men from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Western Europe to Ukrainian women is their focus on family life.

Girls from Ukraine can’t imagine their personal happiness without being a wife and a mother. So an average Ukrainian girl is genuinely interested in finding her soul mate, tie the knot and start a family of her own with a compatible man. So why don’t they look for potential partners in their own country? Let’s discuss this important question in more detail.

Ukrainian women searching for a life partner abroad

Why do Ukrainian women look for a husband abroad?

There are several reasons why Ukrainian ladies for marriage look for a husband beyond their homeland. First of all, why shouldn’t they? In the world of today it would be foolish to limit one’s choices only to their immediate surroundings. The planet is growing increasingly smaller, with people moving across borders for studies, works and in pursuits of personal happiness.

It’s easy to stay in touch with your family and friends these days, so it’s easy to combat homesickness when living in another country. It’s also easy to find friendships and love abroad. With the advent of the internet, people started looking for love far beyond geographical borders of their home countries. Online dating is popular thing at the moment, and if you want to meet Ukrainian singles, there is no reason why this kind of relationship couldn’t be considered real and valid.

It’s not easy to find your second half, and if you happen to get in touch with a compatible person across half the world, dating them online is better than having a disastrous relationship with someone at home. Apart from that, Ukrainian women have other reasons to look for a partner abroad:

Local men don’t meet their expectations

With women outnumbering men in Ukraine, it’s not easy for an average girl to find decent men after the age of twenty five or so. And men don’t have to try hard in order to impress a woman and win her heart. They can find a girlfriend anytime, and if they decide to propose, what a privilege it is for a woman.

After all, her unmarried friends experience so much difficulty finding a partner. Being married is like wearing a badge of honour in Ukraine, even if a husband is obviously on a much lower intellectual and cultural level than his wife. Being spoiled by women’s attention, men in Eastern Europe tend to neglect their duties as husbands and fathers. They also abuse alcohol and feel free on their wives – it’s considered a man’s privilege. They don’t even make any efforts to secure their family financially.

So a great number of young Ukrainian women are no longer willing to tolerate this kind of treatment. They look for relationships based on mutual trust, affection and understanding. And they do find this kind of relationships with men from other countries.

When they leave Ukraine, it’s not because they don’t love their homeland, but because there are limited options where starting a family is concerned. If it was possible to find more decent partners locally, perhaps there wouldn’t have been so many profiles of Ukrainian ladies for marriage on dating sites.

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Challenging economic environment

Ukraine has been going through difficult times since forever, and it’s not clear when challenging economic conditions are likely to come to an end. If a woman wants to start her family in a better economic environment, it doesn’t mean she lacks patriotism.

Many Ukrainian girls genuinely love their country, but when it comes to raise their kids and provide for the family, they would rather do it elsewhere. Isn’t it a sign of responsible attitude? It doesn’t mean a Ukrainian woman will expect you to offer her a better lifestyle and pay for all her wants.

The majority of Slavic girls are very accomplished and brilliantly educated, so it’s not a problem for them to find a well paid job abroad, especially if they speak a foreign language.

If you’re ready to move to Ukraine, would a woman agree?

Well, if you think of moving to Ukraine instead of a woman joining you in your home country, I think the majority of ladies wouldn’t object. If they can get a caring, loving and financially secured husband without having to leave their family and friends, it’s even better.

There are plenty of international couples based in Ukraine at the moment. Some of them live in large cities, others prefer the beauty of the Ukrainian nature in the countryside. If you seriously consider moving to Ukraine in order to marry a local woman and start a new life in Eastern Europe, specify this in your profile on a dating site. It’s likely that you’ll get plenty of responses.

Will she leave you once she gets a citizenship of your country?

Generally speaking, if you have thoughts and fears like this, perhaps having a relationship with one of the Ukrainian ladies for marriage is not your thing. It’s almost impossible to build a healthy relationship when you keep questioning someone’s actions and suspect them to have hidden motives. Break up with a Ukrainian woman painlessly until you’ve gone too far.

If you’ve made a decision to meet someone special in Ukraine, it’s good to be cautious, but it’s absolutely not good to be paranoiac. This way you’ll ruin a romantic relationship even before they are properly started. You either trust a person you date, or you don’t date them at all.

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How to help her adapt abroad?

Generally speaking, Ukrainian ladies for marriage are rather adaptable. They are fast learners, and it’s highly unlikely for an Eastern European girl to remain in her own bubble instead of trying her best to adapt to new place. She’ll quickly make friends, get acquainted with neighbours, and win the hearts of all your relatives.

Besides, she can always keep in touch with her family and friends back home – there is Skype and similar apps, Whatsapp, social networks and old good email. Keep in mind though that you’re pretty much the centre of her universe in the initial stages of her life abroad.

It’s you who are expected to gently guide your wife and help her avoid potentially unpleasant experience. Take her out as often as possible show her around the city you live in. Introduce her to your friends and encourage her to make friends of her own. Taking classes in the local language school can help a lot.

It’s also important to remember that she might be emotionally vulnerable during the period of adaptation. You’ll need to demonstrate a lot of patience and understanding in order to make this relationship work. Generally speaking there is nothing the two of you couldn’t handle – there are lots of international couples in every country, and with each year there will be even more marriages like this. Each couple figures out their way of handling issues.

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These were some of the thoughts on whether Ukrainian ladies for marriage are eager to leave their country. It all depends on a particular situation and a particular person. Your love story is going to be like nobody else’s. Enjoy your experience with smart and beautiful Ukrainian women on dating sites!

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